Delivering Ability

Most organisations need some support in delivering changes to improve their ability. Raising the bar Programme Development believe in a hands-on approach that gives your team the support it needs at the right time and raises the bar by improving agility permanently.

Our people have helped organisations like yours in a number of diverse ways over the last few years.  Examples include:

  • Helping major blue chip organisations get their Agile programmes up and running despite the failures they may have had in the past. 
  • Developing & implementing end to end effective operating models for project & programme delivery based on good practice & experience
  • Working with companies to develop new effective organisational designs complete with role descriptions, skilling requirements, development planning and management of the transition
  • Turnaround of significant programmes including £150m SAP CRM Agile programme, £100m airport construction programme, £15m Mergers & Acquisitions, £14m Logistics Warehousing system design & upgrade, £14m Business Critical Reservation Systems Upgrade and Data Migration & Warehousing. 
  • Supported & managed the rollout of changes to Global Delivery Systems across the US, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • Developed & supported the wholesale change from Waterfall to Agile methods & culture for a US based utilities company

In each case we maximised value delivered, maintained progress and transferred our turnaround skills to the group we were supporting so they can improve their ability in the future