Training & education are only part of the route to building improved ability.  When the training is finished who is going to be able to support your team to apply the ideas & concepts and drive your change forward.Coaching Services

Programme Development provides on-site and remote access coaches  to blue chip organisations in a wide range of business markets, delivery approaches and levels of expertise.

Our coaches can help your teams in a number of ways including:

  • Supporting new starters through the delivery process
  • Providing experience & expertise in changing the way you work from convincing business leaders to motivating teams to try out new ideas
  • Giving one to one support to individuals that helps them realise their potential and maximise your development investment from the outset

All coaching activity is planned and discussed with those involved before we start.  There are specific coaching objectives that we agree upfront along with the changes that we expect to see.

We believe that coaching is a far more effective way of changing organisations & attitudes than just being onsite and leading the change programme.  Our people are dedicated to transferring their skills and experience to your team so they gain self-sufficiency and you retain the ability to develop your group in the future without the constant need to bring in expertise from outside.