Development planning

Programme Development has a wealth of experience in developing people to meet the stringent demands of delivering effectively.  Our methods are aimed at providing cost effective solutions that can provide measureable benefits in the shortest possible time.Development planning

The best way to start development planning is to take advantage of our evaluation tools for individuals, groups and companies.  These services let you know exactly where your level of ability is now and, in discussion with our people, the best ways to improve it to maximise your investment and meet expectations.

Once we have a clear view of the sort of delivery ability you need to achieve we can help you identify a number of different ways to achieve it. 

This could include:

  • Qualification based training with a range of specialist suppliers – we can help you select the best in the business
  • Targeted training for specific people in your team based on the APM Body of Knowledge Technical Competence or Agile Framework which our team of experts can provide
  • Development objectives that included training, online study, multimedia, white papers & relevant texts or appropriate conference events

The plan is discussed & agreed with the individual and their line manager and can form the basis of their personal development targets moving forward. 

Development planning can also be used to identify the sort of skills that you need to bring into your organisation and short-list potential candidates.  Our sister company, Programme Recruitment, can assist you in bringing in capable people to match your needs.