Agile readiness & maturity

Adopting Agile and staying that way isn’t easy for most companies.  Agile has plenty of benefits from faster delivery of products & services, cost effective use of people, quicker return on investment and better technical development.

Programme Development has Agile experts from a wide range of business environments not just IT.  We’ve helped companies implement Agility across small (£50K) and large programmes (£150m).Agile Maturity Model

Our starting point is to help you find our exactly how Agile you are now and what potential you have for making the leap using our Agile Maturity Model.

Based on assessment of your current approach to delivery, the skills of your people, organisational constraints and current understanding of Agile we can help you develop a robust adoption plan and help you achieve it. 

We’ve worked in Financial, Construction, IT, Manufacturing, Game Development and Service industries assessing their ability to be Agile and coaching them through the change to significant benefits.