Company Maturity (P3M3)

Programme Development can help you understand exactly how well you’re currently delivering and the overall maturity of your organisation.  Often there are a few steps that you can take to increase your ability significantly.Clipboard P3M3

If you’re primarily using a Waterfall like PRINCE 2 or Managing Successful Programmes we can undertake a Portfolio, Programme & Portfolio Management Maturity Model assessment – otherwise known as P3M3.  This new version Office of Government & Commerce Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) is fully updated to take into account the latest knowledge and best practice in portfolio, programme and project management.

It is fully compatible with the first version of P3M3, so if your organisation has already had assessments based on that version, you can move seamlessly to applying this version and will be able to see the impact of any current improvement plans reflected in future assessments under the revised model. Equally, it applies to organisations new to maturity models that wish to adopt this approach to performance and capability measurement.

High quality, efficient delivery means better value for money, better use of people & resources and an increased ability to deliver & grasp opportunities.

We can support your teams in completing a P3M3 assessment or, if preferred, complete the assessment independently and report on the results.  Regardless of the approach we will provide you with options & priorities on the key things you need to do to increase your delivery ability quickly and effectively.

For more information look at the OGC P3M3 Introductory Guides by clicking the links below: