Evaluating people

Programme Development want to help you develop your people to drive changes to ability throughout your organisation.  Evaluating the current skills & experience in your people is important for setting targets and measuring your success as your implementation progresses. Clipboard - Evaluating People

Of course evaluation takes time and a great deal of effort.  However, using our Online Evaluation for all of your Project Managers, Programme Managers, Business Analysts, SCRUM Masters, Product Owners and other Project Team Members gives you a cost effective solution.

Each candidate completes an evaluation questionnaire which normally takes around one hour to complete.  Although some candidates are nervous at first the overwelming response to the evaluatiom process is a positive one with most people feeling that it's the first time that their employers have actually taken their develoment seriously.

Furthermore, we can work with you to develop a group profile showing the strengths & weaknesses of your group which you can use to drive change across the organisation.  You can also use this profile to help you recruit new capable people who will fill in the capability gaps you’ve discovered.  Our sister company, Programme Recruitment, can help you find these capable people using their own unique & personal service.