Enterprise & Solution Architect

ArchitectA recent addition to the Online Evaluation services is designed for Enterprise & Solution Architects.  It is designed to provide an objective view of the knowledge profile for Business Analysts and Product Owners.  Consisting of 100 standard multiple choice questions it covers the whole of the International Institute Business Analysis framework mapped against the TOGAF v9 competencies and its underlying concepts.

The questions are divided into:

  • Solutions Architecture : Role of the Solutions Architect, Elements of Solutions Architecture
  • Planning & Monitoring: Stakeholder Analysis, Planning Analysis, Prepareing Requirements Package
  • Enterprise Architecture: Defining the business need, Assessing Capability Gap, Determining Solution Scope
  • Requirement analysis: Prioritisation, Organisation, Modelling Methods, Assumptions & Constraints, Verifying & Validating Requirements
  • Solution Assessment & Validation: Assessing Proposed Solutions, Allocating Requirements, Organisational Readiness, Transition Planning, Validation, Measuring System Performance, Evaluating Performance
  • Leading People: Leadership, Stakeholder management, Teamwork, Communication, Negotiation, Organisation Structure, Conflict Management, Delegation, Stress Management

By analysis of these results, and comparing them to previous profiles gathered over a number of years, the Knowledge Profile enables managers to understand the strengths, development needs and opportunities within their group.