Face to face debrief

Completing the Online Evaluation gives only part of the story.  Although candidates get a summary of their results as a downloadable PDF file they often need even more help in deciding what’s the best way to develop their skills.Debriefing Session 121

Programme Development can provide a full face to face debrief session on results.  The one hour review covers all of the results and allows the candidate to discuss their future development with a qualified expert.  This enables the candidate to know exactly where they are on their career path and understand what they need to do to achieve their aspirations

Typical debrief note

Corporates can link the debriefing session to their own internal development programmes, courses and training events.  Using their knowledge of the market, our consultant will suggest alternative approaches for learning including training courses, multimedia, books, conferences and distance learning opportunities.

The debriefing summary provides an excellent first step in creating a practical & achievable personal development plan that is set against real measureable objectives and the needs of both the individual and the company.