Group profiling

People have different strengths & weaknesses but together you may have all of the skills that you need to increase your ability to deliver.  Group profiling allows you to set targets for your group as a whole across all of the skill areas that are reviewed and then compare individuals against it.Group Profiling

Programme Development has already collated information for specific roles across a number of business sectors.  This allows us to benchmark your people against similar organisations in your field of expertise.  These generic profiles can be used on their own or as a starting point for your own needs & expectations.

Supported by one of our experts from Programme Development you can design your own capability profile to support your implementation plan. This will highlight the core skills you need moving forward, key development priorities and new skills that you need your people to gain such as commercial, management or control expertise.

As your team completes evaluations you will build a profile of their actual knowledge & skills that demonstrates where you’ve already got sufficient expertise or where gaps need to be filled to reach your expectations. This gap analysis is used by our experts during debriefing sessions to develop personal development plans and targets for both individuals and companies alike.

You can modify this profile as things change in the future giving you a constantly up to date set of targets and measurements to support improving your delivery ability as circumstances or markets change.