Overview of Process

It’s difficult to evaluate people in just a few minutes on the phone or in conversation.  But if you really want to understand the strengths & development needs of your team you really need to understand exactly what they know and how they apply it against a professional standard.Online Evaluatio Image

Programme Development understand that an in depth study of your team is not only time consuming but you may not have the expertise in-house to achieve it.  So we’ve developed our Online Evaluations to make the process quick, simple, cost effective and most importantly comprehensive.

Evaluation services

Our evaluations review knowledge & ability against well recognised professional standards like the APM Body of Knowledge or International Institute of Business Analysis to gain a complete picture of where your people stand against other organisations.

We then provide a full suite of services including debriefing, structured interviews and personal development planning to identify where to prioritise training spend to gain the maximum advantage.  These are backed up with our comprehensive training services to speed things up even further.