Tailored Evaluation

Of course, one size doesn’t always fit all and you might think that the online evaluation could be even better if it was tailored to your specific terminology, process, people and organisation.Tailored Evaluation

You might want to investigate how well a new operating model has been understood, you might be thinking of moving into new markets and you want to evaluate your current group skills in that area or you think that the standard terminology will confuse your team.

Programme Development is able to tailor the evaluation to meet your exact needs.  Normally we talk through the areas that you’d like to change in our standard offering.  You can modify existing questions or add some completely new ones of your own.  For a small development cost we can provide you with your own branded evaluation site that’s accessible by your team only.

Your site can be used again and again for new people who join the organisation or as part of your recruitment strategy.  All you pay for is the standard online evaluation change each time a new person takes your evaluation.   Some of our clients use the evaluation on a regular basis to see how well their teams are developing against the targets in their personal development plan.

It’s a flexible option that demonstrates how much we believe that you should be in charge of driving towards improved delivery ability.