Agile 101

Agile TherapyAgile really is the latest thing in Change Management.  Simple to understand but, as many organisations have shown, difficult to get working effectively.  First you need to understand what this Agile thing is all about.  These articles assume nothing and show you what Agile is and how it brings benefits.

  • Getting started with Agile (Direct link)
  • Agile Manifesto 2011 - Is this the way companies interpret the old version?
  • Agile for non-agile people (2.6Mb)
  • Agile PMO - Fact or Fiction? (137Kb)
  • Time is Money - Agile Fixed Cost (199Kb)
  • Agile Bridging the Gap (<1Mb)
  • Agile Principles Framework (<1Mb)
  • Lean & Agile Management Practices (9Mb)
  • State of Agile 2009 (3Mb)