Agile Leadership, Management and People

People TalkingPeople are the foundation of Agile methods & techniques.  Explore the following articles on Servant Leadership, Agile Managers and People & Agile skills to gain a better insight into how Agile can really deliver its promises through better management of people & teams.

  • Agile & Communications (544K)
  • Agile & Empowerment (483K)
  • Agile & Stress (450K)
  • SCRUM Masters v Project Managers - Where's the demand now? (167Kb) - Thanks to Indeed for the numbers
  • Agile Development - The People Factor (93Kb)
  • What killed Waterfall could kill Agile (44Kb)
  • Agile Management Behaviours (<1Mb)
  • Changing the Agile Organisation (<1Mb)
  • Managing Dysfunctional Organisations (5Mb)