What is ability?

Programme Development helps you increase your ability to deliver effective change across your whole organisation.  Ability isn’t just confined to employing the right people it’s a culture that should be found throughout your organisation.Transfer of Skills

We are the experts in change management development and understand the kind of building blocks that make an effective delivery organisation. With Programme, you get the services that your organisation needs, when it needs them from experienced industry experts.

We’ve done this time and time again for a wide range of clients in a diverse range of market sectors both in the UK and internationally. 

Our people are experienced change management professionals in their own right who have a common philosophy to delivering effective change:

  • Organisations can increase their ability to deliver – they just need expert support at the right time
  • Skills should be transferred directly to your teams to eliminate consultant dependency
  • Your people can make the change they just need the right tools, experience & approach
  • Ability is measured by how well the organisation, people, systems, processes, tools and logistics are designed & used

But it’s not what we do but the way that we do it. 

We have cost effective tools to evaluate individuals & organisations, experienced professionals in both Agile & Waterfall adoption & improvement, practical coaches & trainers and a sister company, Programme Recruitment, who can support you in finding capable people to match your new found ability.

Programme Development is a new approach to consulting.  It concentrates on developing every aspect of your business using your people to drive the change to ensure long lasting practical results that keep delivering benefits year on year.