Ability and People

Programme Development understands that the ability to deliver change is more than simply having clever people.  Increasing your people’s ability involves improving their mind-set as much as their technical skills.

We work with your people to develop tailored personal development plans for each of them based on their knowledge, past experience and aspirations.Evaluating People Image

You can select from a set of tried & tested tools & techniques including our unique Online Evaluation, Face to Face Debrief, Structured Interview and Personal Coaching.

Programme Development applies these tools to evaluate Project & Programme Managers, Agile Professionals and Business Analysts.  All of the tools can be tailored to your terminology, approach and your company’s needs.

Your evaluation results can be combined to provide information on the whole of your team that shows what their overall key strengths & recommended development areas are and how they compare to the results of other similar organisations. 

This allows you to precisely target training to address gaps in your organisation and increase your delivery ability.

Our sister company, Programme Recruitment, can use your group profile to focus your recruitment & supplement your team with capable individuals who can contribute to your delivery ability immediately